Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Circle of Your Friends

People are annoying. I've learned this not only from dealing with costumers but by just being alive. The majority of the time I wonder how my head doesn't explode from all the ridiculously irritating things the people around me do everyday. It is because I find people so annoying that it surprises me when I am able to find another human being that I can stand for any prolonged period of time. It absolutly astounds me when that same person can actually stand me as well. Therefore, it is in my humble opinion, that real friendships are the rarest kind of human relationships. It is nearly impossible to not only get a long with someone else but to also trust them and LIKE them, especially among girls who, for some unknown reason, seem to be programed by society to hate each other.

BUT despite jealousy, bitterness and selfishness that swirls around in society like air pollution, some girls actually find that that Sex and the City, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants friendship between a group of girls can exist. Although actual traveling pants and outrageous promiscuity are optional it is possible for girls to form friendships that are honest and healthy. To find in each other friends who will listen, with actual interests, when you tell a horrible story (and then have the courtesy to pretend to listen when you accidentally tell it again). Who can, with a single look, make you laugh so hard you cry. Who know that you are mad when you say that you're not but let it go. Who don't say "I told you so" when he breaks your heart. Who let you kiss that boy at the bar but don't let you go home with him. Who stick up for you. Who are willing to put up with your mood swings, bad hair days, panic attacks and big mouth because they trust that you will be there for them like they are there for you. No matter what. In this annoying world one friend just isn't enough. A girl needs a group. A circle that finds that together they balance out individual annoyances. Who love each other and respect each other enough to shoulder each other. And who will come running, through the storm of a family feud, a lost job or a broken heart, silver lining in tow.