Monday, January 4, 2010

In My Own Little World

Romeo and Juliet ( the Baz Luhrmann, Claire Danes- Leonardo DiCaprio version) has been a guilty pleasure of mine since first being exposed to it in my 9th grade English class. Not only does the movie display an adorable fresh faced, pre-Titanic Leo but the film is also breathtaking visually, a cool modern spin on the most classic of love stories. So you can imagine my elation when I was reading the latest issue of Lucky magazine and came across a feathered vest that much resembles the wings Claire Danes wears when she attends the costume party as an angel, the same party where she meets her Romeo for the first time. Despite my brainstorming I could not come up with an appropriate, realistic moment in my real life that I would require a cropped feather vest. However,in my fantasy life where I am a ferocious glam rock goddess (a la Lady Gaga or Gwen Stefani) the vest is ideal. Amazingly enough the vest is to d├ębut on this month and I am seriously considering purchasing it for the mere satisfaction of displaying it in my room. It would become a little shrine to my lavish imaginary world in which I am currently performing to sold-out crowds of screaming fans every night, walking around wearing a feathered vest like no big deal and where, ironically enough, Leo is my boyfriend.

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  1. you need to learn a different style of guitar if you want to be a glamrock goddess.